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Reed & Willow- The Story

Ours is a generation of online shoppers. Imagine you buy a pair of shoes online. You receive them, but they aren’t the right size. There is no option of returning them, so you keep them. They lie in your shoe closet, unused and wasted. Next time, when you want to buy shoes online, wouldn’t you buy the right shoes with the right fit for your feet?

Similarly, when you’re hiring people, how many times have you faced the challenge of “right feet and wrong fit”?

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Meet the Founder

It was a quest to bring fresh innovation and thought to recruitment in India, that made Biplab Biswas to create Reed & Willow. He identified major gaps in the industry, which needed to be bridged.


Biplab has worked for 13 years in the tech space with companies like IBM, Irobot and Accenture. He thoroughly enjoys the power of technology and believes it brings immense value when harnessed well. His business acumen and love for technology takes the company to greater heights. Biplab believes that great talent exists and great organizations exist, but they don’t connect with each other when it’s required. His strategic insights and never say die attitude help leverage the best of technology and human resources to create outcome-driven results.

Janoo Motiani

We find a way. If there is a way we find it if there is really not a way we make sure there is no doubt.

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Our Values

People Centricity

To err is human & no one wakes up to fail. With this thought process & approach we accept & treat everyone; be it our clients, candidates or our internal team.


Being honest at all times without a blink or a thought.

A will to win

We exhibit a strong will to win in the marketplace & in every aspect of our business.

Staying Relevant

In the times that are changing at lightning speed defining your relevance is the only way one can do justice to our stakeholders.


We live by the fact that a small group of dedicated people can put a dent in the universe.

Our Services

Did you know: 2% of the talent drives 98% of the impact in your company? At R&W, we will work with you to identify your 2% and help nurture them.

Here are the different ways in which we can work with you.

The Crew

You can’t see the picture when your are inside the frame & then came the selfies! The Crew is our attempt to create a recruitment selfie! We want be with you onsite & drive your hiring efforts on the ground to make them fecund.

Basis on our understanding we create The Crew for you. These people are our tested recruiters & come with the necessary domain knowledge to spearhead your hiring.


What is in for you?

Timeline & KRA driven solution

Yes, we don't want to shy away from timeline driven recruitment. The most important resource apart from people is ofcourse time, this is a solution based on KRA’s & Timeline so we know How you hire, when you hire & where you hire from.


Its new year & you need 5 additional people to meet the quarterly numbers, speak to our crew head & it will be done

Cost Effective

It’s year end & the hiring numbers look sluggish speak to our crew head & we will engage our team till you are back in action. Yes, it is that simple.

Manage 1 Supplier

It’s our responsibility to find people you want to hire, how also becomes our responsibility.

With the right RPO solutions, your organization can stay on top of the current market trends while staying result-driven. Your headache becomes our responsibility, which we take on gladly with a big smile! Because, that is what we do and that is where our expertise lies – finding the right talent for you to hire.

How does The Crew work?

Here is a more detailed explanation of the process for those who are new to RPO.

  • Research & Planning

    Research & Planning

  • Talent Attraction

    Talent Attraction

  • Selection


  • Recruit & Onboarding

    Recruit & Onboarding

  • Retain & Develop

    Retain & Develop

  • Depart & Offboard

    Depart & Offboard

We also provide

Talent Advisory-tailor-made Talent (tmt)

By leveraging our extensive experience in diverse industries, we aim to connect you with strategic tailor-made talent solutions. We study talent acquisition and management cycles to identify gaps and propose gap-filling solutions. Our data-driven advisory solutions will ensure you have a competitive edge.

Rain Maker

Dynamic environments need visionary leaders, the front runners, the change-makers. We help you find the top rung of thought leaders who are aligned with your organizational goals and vision. With Power Hire/Top Lead/Rain Maker, we ensure only the best top talent joins your company.

S&e Hire

These are two large sectors of our country, filled with promise and potential, yet so much of it is untapped and unorganized. Our Sales & Engineering (S&E) Hire service is our attempt to bring some order to the chaos, a method to the madness.

Short-term Workforce (stw) Solutions

We understand your short term or temporary requirements and can provide temporary staffing solutions. This way, you can maintain momentum on your project front and not worry about absorbing your temporary staff full time.

Recruiter Upskill

We noticed an alarming trend that’s dissuading a good lot of talented recruiters. Companies hire recruiters but fail to equip them with proper training that would help them do their jobs well. We provide results-oriented training for companies who wish to help their recruiters do better and do more in their roles.

A talent solutions company, that delivers its promise.

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R&W Edge


We do not believe in a cookie cutter approach. Every assignment comes with its limitations, and we’re ready with a Plan B before you can ask for it.


In a world that’s led by millennials, our approach and outlook is refreshing and current. We look at recruitment with a modern lens

We’re WISE:

We have a collective experience of 30+ years in the talent hiring and management space and have executed some of the biggest RPOs in India: Mindtree, Ericsson, American Express, Principal Global, Smith & Nephew, TomTom, John Deere, Western Union, Shapoorji & Pallonji.

We’re BOLD:

Our unorthodox approach of blending technology with human capability to design programs ensure a near-perfect outcome.